About the project

Mujnicipality of Isperih is proud to announce that during the next 22 months we will implement the Project BG06 – 218 Prevention and reintegration of children at risk on Program BG06 „Children and youth at risk”. It is financed by the Financial mechanism of European economic space 2009 – 2014 The grant is 225 391 Euro.

This project will take place at 8 kindergartens located in the territory of the Municipality of Isperih as it follows: Shtastlivo detstvo Kidergarten in the town of Isperih, Mecho Puh Kindergarten in the town of Isperih, Slantse Kindergarten in the town of Isperih,  Radost Kindergarten in the village of Podayva, Shtastlivo detstvo in the village of Kitanchevo, Bratya Grim in the village of Todorovo, Kokiche Kindergarten in the village of Vazovo and Momina salsa Kindergarten in the village of Raynino.

Purchasing of school equipment is foreseen, which will facilitate the adaptation and integration of the children in the kindergartens.

Target group:

  • Children from the local community between the ages of 3 and 6 years;
  • Children at risk, especially representatives of the poor and socially disadvantaged families, including the Roma ethnic group, aged between 3 and 6 years, exposed more than others to the risk of social exclusion and poverty;
  • Children of families with low income;
  • Children at risk of ethnic minorities;
  • Children at risk living in small and remote settlements.


The project will be implemented through 6 activities including the appointment of the specialists needed.

  1. Organization and project management.
  2. Appointment of specialists, which will work with the target groups – 2 Roma educational mediators, 19 teachers, one psychologist and one speech therapist.
  3. Integration of children from poor families and in social disadvantage, including Roma  children aged 3 to 6 years in 8 (eight) kindergartens in the Municipality of Isperih’s  territory. Purchasing of school materials for the needs of the target group.
  4. Additional preparation for equal start at school.
  5. Equipment of the kindergartens included in the project.
  6. Information and publicity.